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[Kurohune] SHIZUKU (3D Animation!)

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To Run the Game just delete the Japanese Characters in the Folder Path And on the .exe


Suikyo no Shizuku - Seiin Shimai (The reflection in the water - Horny sisters)

pic roduction year: 2006
Flash Genre: 3DCG, Flash

Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution

Developer: Double Soft Cream

Platform: PC/Windows98 / Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista

Type of publication: original (licensed)

Tabletka: Not required

Language: Japanese

Type of translation: the text and sound in that language (the original)

Language: Japanese

System requirements::: CPU Celeron 1.4GHz

:: Memory 512MB:: HDD 857MB:: Flash player 9 or higher


The main character - a former teacher
I received a letter from former students asking for help He left on the street Then the events unfolded so that in his hands one of the sisters gave a strange artifact in vzaimdeystvi with whom he had lost consciousness then he started acquainted with the house along the way dealing with Setra the game to collect artifacts spread out around the mansion

Review with your mouse.When examining room or other rooms and even hallways - it is desirable to press the space bar and if there mugs with the plus (the door or an arrow) then click the left mouse button (log in to SL. Premise - proidete further forward), and approached to see all the detail with which the hand appears when some sort of object to perform an actartifacts necessary for action are laid out on the edges of the picture and smaller at the bottom where we give the necessary quantity ... Scroll calls the double triangle


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Suikyo no Shizuku (3DCG Flash) (2006), 2006 году она. nepomnyu where but shook etu game long, the name Suikyo no Shizuku (3DCG Flash) (2006), 2006, it.


Brutal_1349 Brutal_1349
almost correct name)
corrected, references added


corrected the Russian name and removed his translation - because let there be one to which all used to (although not think that my transcription of names is not correctament ...
2006 - perhaps the game and was made in that year
but the files on the distribution date back to 2008 year with a difference in a few days
(version with spravleniyami 2008?)
there are games of this company - but the spread will not ....

AllMore AllMore

files on the distribution date back to 2008
2008 depending where you take up any errors or files filled in 2008
на DL - 2006 on the DL - 2006 stands, and on the office site will find the illustrations date
there are games of this company - but the spread will not ....
sorry that you will not, suddenly there is an interesting

Psi{X} Psi (X)

220055 and that's that game??


old 2004
Yokubou No Ori Cage of Desire that's the name of one Yokubou No Ori Cage of Desire