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Airline 69: Return To Casablanca

Developer :Interactive Strip
publisher : Redfire Software
genre : strategy / economic | adventure
platform: PC / Windows

release date: World: 30 October 2003
play modes: single player
game language: English
age requirements: 18+ | media: 1 CD
suggested system requirements:
Pentium II 233MHz, 64MB RAM.
North Africa, Casablanca 1942
Wayne Johnson, a pilot and adventurer, manages to eke out a living with his plane, taking on anything from normal freight transport to gun-running and booze smuggling. A stowaway, the secret agent ChouChou, on one of his routine flights suddenly changes his whole life. She hides herself in a crate to get on board - when she gets out she holds a pistol to Wayne's head and forces him to change course. Suddenly German Stukas appear on the horizon and start attacking the transport plane. Wayne manages to shake them off with a few hair-raising maneuvers, but his plane is badly damaged and he has to put down hard on the desert, knocking himself out in the process. When he comes to, the first thing he sees is ChouChou, who has cleaned up his wounds. Together they make their way over the burning sands to Casablanca, where ChouChou has to deliver important documents that she stole from a German courier.
During their hellish desert journey, they fall in love and when they reach Casablanca, they decide to go into business together.
Using a small hotel room as their HQ, they coordinate spying missions, smuggling trips and acts of sabotage, they help fugitives to escape from Casablanca - they even sabotage a secret German air base.
It's on this base that Wayne finds a new plane - so he and ChouChou start taking on jobs, ultimately building up the business until it becomes a money-spinner - Airline 69, the company for special contracts. To achieve this objective, the two will go to any lengths, like taking over a brothel and arranging orgiastic sex parties at which they film the participants and later blackmail them.
The game unfolds to offer the player ever-changing locations, all kinds of characters and tremendous action opportunities.

The makers of the erotic hit - "Wet - The Sexy Empire", the developers INTERACTIVE STRIP, are finally back with a bang! This explosive mix of Sim and Erotic Adventure takes up where their 1997 classic left off. Famous German cartoonist Carsten Wieland has once again amply demonstrated his amazing talent, giving us this timeless, colorful and thumpingly erotic masterpiece - his homage to the cult films of the 40's.
- 30 locations in comic style
- More than 30 diverse characters to interact with
- A multitude of cut sequences in cartoon style
- Countless opportunities for hair-raising action
- Online help with Penthouse model SASHA
- Fantastic, film-quality soundtrack
- Powerfully engineered, simple-to-use game interface

Airline 69: Return To Casablanca - Trailer
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airline 69: Return To Casablanca - Demo
See Walktrough - FAQ :
Solution assistance to Airline 69: Return to Casablanca 
1. General: 
The play begins different places on the city map of Casablanca, from there can be attained 
In the Casino can be through played a pack of cards, cube play or be gained with roulette the money 
Hotel kind of bending 
Here one can rent a room, in then also the ChouChou, which is to be  found female company of the hero. The companion must be satisfied by gifts or special allowance. If one is left by ChouChou, the play is lost 
Dick's cafe 
One of the main meeting places play, here appears itself most characters of the play in time, one can with goods or information act. 
Hotel Luxor 
Through click on the rezeption can a Suite be rented here, in order to organize parties there  
Over the police boss one can receive Ausweispiere, which serve the trade by presenting gifts. In addition one can blacken characters of the play with the police boss and vacate these thus for some days from the way.
If one is arrested, by illegal trade or by blackening by one of the play characters, one lands in the prison cell, which one pays through to a bail again leaves. 
On the bazaar one acts, with goods or information.  
Hatschi's Inn 
here one on having ski, the owner meets the red light Etablissement in Casablanca. In the rooms one can host-eats responds over to further information to come. In the later play process also the office can be entered. 
House governor 
This place does not have further Bewandtnis, sees occasional one the governor before its door. 
Additionally there is still the map of Morocco, from which in the further play process still further places can be attained: 
De-energised by the purchase of information will these places, some information are split thereby and must successively be bought. 
German airfield {I1} 
first information available with Jones in the hotel Luxor/Dicks café thereupon further information with Emil in Dicks cafe 
Nomadenlager {I2} 
Information available with Sydney Greenleaf on the bazaar thereupon further information (password to the Nomadenlager) with SAM in Dicks cafe 
Old desert village {I3} 
Information available with Sheik in the Nomadenlager 
Ship wreck 1 
Information available with Abdul on the bazaar 
Ship wreck 2 
Information available with Moloko on the bazaar 
Airplane wreck 1 
Information available with Abdul on the bazaar
There the three wrecks can be uniquely examined, one find some goods which one sell can. Otherwise the three wrecks do not have a further meaning. 
2. Play goals 
The main play goal consists of creating an airline for the completion from orders to and attaining a valid flight license. 
Before one gets this flight license, however some things must be settled. 
(1) assumption of Hatschi's Inn 
(2) establishment of the own airline by organization airplane 
(3) acquisition of the flight license with signatures 
(1) assumption of Hatschi's Inn, the steps in detail 
- by responding a certain host-eat in one of the rooms 1-4 in Hatschi's Inn, arrive one into a multiple Choice dialogue with this host-eat, selects one here permanently the third sentence, receives one the key to Hatschi's office 
- purchase of the information about the NomadenLager (see above with I2}) 
- with the Sheik in the Nomadenlager one leaves ChouChou to the Sheik for one night and receives a package 
- these packages platziert one in Hatschi's office (in the office the inventory, on special articles go, to the package changing and these packages select click, thereupon one is asked, whether one would like to deposit the package in the office) 
- thereupon one goes to the police boss and blackens having ski, of these is then arrested 
- back in Hatschi's office one finds its diary on a cushion, this diary reads there one 
- now geht's to roulette in the Casino, there one selects the second woman from (on 2 o'clock) and blows up the Jackpot of the bank, one receives the certificate of indebtedness from Hatschi's 
- with this certificate of indebtedness one returns to the external opinion of Hatschi's Inn and meets there a lawyer, hands one to this lawyer over the certificate of indebtedness of Hatsch is reached and one took over Hatschi's Inn the first Unterziel 
- the office in the building is now the new domicile of the hero and its companion ChouChou 
(2) establishment of the own airline by organization airplane, the steps: 
- purchase of the information about the German airfield (see above with {I1}) 
- purchase of the information about the location of the old person of desert village (see above with {I3}) 
- before the airfield gate are a guard and from time to time major Krasser, as long as these soldiers are not attentive can one the airfield entered. By sales of beer (7 bottles) or one blackens the awake soldier to switch off, major Krasser is before the gate be seen only occasional with the police boss can. If the soldier is switched off and major Krasser not to see, the airfield can be entered 
- on the airfield one can click through the JU-52 at the right edge of screen an airplane to organize (old person the desert village must be de-energised at this time already) 
- the JU-52 is now in the desert village, one can the airplane there repairing. In the building in the right half of the village is the current flight plan 
The flight plan: 
There are 5 different types of orders for flight 
- transport of goods 
- goods smuggling 
- transportation of passengers 
- person smuggling 
- entertainment flights 
For the orders for flight with transportation of human beings flight companions are needed, who can be adjusted in the flight plan. 
If an order for flight is implemented for the satisfaction of the client, the admittingness of the own airline rises and one obtains in the case of the next order of this type a higher price. 
While the execution of an order for flight it is added that one is attacked, to the defense a weapon system can be installed in the airplane. Possible damage as well as the level of the airplane tank can through click on the airplane to be settled. 
(3) acquisition of the flight license with signatures, the steps: 
- rent the Suite in the hotel Luxor (click on rezeption, afterwards clicks on the elevator) 
- in the rented Suite plans one a party, whereby the quality of the host meals, to which meals and the beverages to maximum is set. !!Die party is not started however now yet!! 
- additionally still another SpecialGuest must be booked to the party, this happens in the office in Hatschi's Inn through clicks on the telephone 
- with the telephone one selects the number XXXPAIN, then one receives the possibility Patti Pain for the party to book, which one also makes
- now one buys a camera and a film on the bazaar and returns to the rented Suite in the hotel Luxor, there is now a button to deposits to the camera 
- the party is started only now and after 24 hours receives one the message about the process of the party (here now the message should come that the camera caught interesting pictures on the party)
- has one the photos from the governor on the party received can one these through click the photos in the inventory (special articles, photos of the governor) to the governor to dispatch 
- now one organizes a further party with maximum quality, a hidden camera and Patti Pain than Specialguest. This mark catches the camera of pictures of the governor and the police boss, who one clicks again to the governor through the photos dispatched in the inventory (special
articles, photos of the governor and police boss)  
- after 12 hours one receives from the governor a flight license on however still the signature from major Krasser is missing 
- around this signature to get, one must the Malteser falcons find and him the major hand over 
- the Malteser falcon is divided into three parts 
(I). a part one receives by threefold selects the drunk one on the toilet of Dick's cafe 
(II). one receives the second part by the fact that one the information about the hiding place of governor Citroen's daughter at thick, which owner of Dick's cafe sells. This information one receives with Claude, to the Rezeptionisten hotel of the Luxor, before must however still the confidential information about thick with SAM, which piano players in Dicks cafe are bought 
(III). the third part of the Malteser falcon is hidden in the prison cell, one must thus at least once to be arrested be able. Most easily one is arrested, by blackening all characters and then waits (at play speed fast, umzuschaltet through click on the clock left above). One was arrested examines one the prison cell after a hiding place examines. In
the left screen half one finds a special stone in the wall (easy above the bed) which one clicks through from the wall solve can. Behind this stone one finds then, through clicks the hole in the wall, the part of the Malteser falcon - with the complete Malteser falcon one visits major Krasser, clicks to these on and receives the second signature on the flight license (if one received the flight license before from the governor), with which the play is then production and terminated. 

Airline '69 [GERMAN] FAQ


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Airline '69 v1.02c +3 TRAINER



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Play Instructions:

· Install the game - Full Installation.

· Apply the official Airlines '69 v1.02 Patch.

· Replace the original AIRLINE69.EXE file with the one from the File Archive.

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Play Instructions:

· Install the game - Full Installation.

· Extract the AIRLINE69_NOCD_GAMEFREAK.EXE Patch from the File Archive to the game directory.

· Execute the Patch to remove the CD-Check from: AIRLINE69.EXE [696.832 bytes]

· Play the Game!


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