Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cream Caron - Sexy Knight Love Juice Extraction

Adult hentai game with animation and lots of tentacle sex done in a 3D cel-shaded style. At points there is a story in Japanese text as well as options mostly to choose what type of sex to perform next. The game has sound and the main girl character is fully voiced in Japanese, there are 5 main animated adults scenes. There is a a cg and memory mode to let you quickly view or replay parts of the game you have visted before. In the right click menu is a save function which is useful for going back to try out different choices.

Download 516MB

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Alternative Names: くりぃむキャロン~美少女剣士 愛蜜強制吸引~, Cream Karen

Friday, September 4, 2009


An animated flash hentai chikan game in which a man follows a girl onto a train to have sex with her. This is one of Double Soft Cream's earlier games it features the same soft 3D style as the later ones but is not quite as refined. Each adult scene has a story in Japanese text while you interact by clicking on points on the girl to perform actions. Some of the actions can be only be found when viewing certain angles and you will need to mouse around to find them, in some cases you need to press them multiple times or wait to progress. Shortcomings are the lack of sound and voice for the girl and the fact the man is rendered as a black textureless model.

Download 132MB

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Alternative Names: 少鬼夢