Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Pleasure of Exposure

Hentai game about a girl who exposes herself and has sex in public. The game is quite short and has a story in Japanese text in the usual visual novel/eroge format with the girls part fully voiced. There are a few choices in the game mostly just choosing if she will do something or not and inside or outside sex options. Once you have viewed an adult scene once it can be replayed from the main menu as well as viewing it's CG.

Download 309MB

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Alternative Name: 露出快楽~見られて濡れる幼馴染、海琳操。

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chikan Ganbou

Adult hentai chikan game about a women who learns to like being touched up by men on the train. There is a story in Japanese text in the usual visual novel/eroge style with various options throughout. The game has sound, music and some voice for the women, the system menu has a save function useful for trying out different choices. Once an adult scene has been viewed once it can be accessed from the main menu along with it's CG. A complete save is included with the game below for those who want to get straight to the hentai scenes.

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Alternative Names: 痴漢願望, Chikanbou

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slave Material

An animated 3D flash game featuring sex with Tifa Lockhart and Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy 7. Each of the girls adult scenes progress as you select what position to do next from choices in Japanese text. In total there is 17 looping animations each of which have sound and some Japanese voice for the girls. If you prefer most of the animations can be played directly by opening the swf files in the data folder.

Download 61MB

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Alternative Names: おっぱいポリゴン4th スレイブマテリアル, Boob Polygon 4th - Slave Material

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sex in Multi-angle

3D animated adult hentai game containing sex with one girl in a variety of positions. You can select from four possible adult positions and there is a large set of looping animations for each of them. The only Japanese text is in the menu when selecting positions which is easy to work out. The game has sound but lacks any interaction and there are no outfits for the girl with her always appearing nude.

Download 156MB

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Alternative Names: マルチアングルせっくす, Multi-angle Tangent Camphowood, Multi Angle Sex

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Takujyou Syoujyo (The girl on the desk)

Adult hentai flash game with 3D animation in which a girl has sex with a group of men in a classroom. The girl in the game wears a school uniform and swimsuit and is fully voiced in Japanese. You can select from 8 adult scenes each of which have 4 animations and different camera angles. There is no Japanese text to worry about as the main game interface is in English. Finally there is a memory system were you can make your own order for the hentai animations to be played in.

Download 525MB

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Alternative Names: 卓上少女

Monday, September 7, 2009

Charm Point - Dragon Quest Princess of Moonbrooke

Animated adult hentai game containing sex with a girl from the Dragon Quest series. The game has 10 main adult animations including regular sex with humans as well as monster sex with Dragon Quest monsters. All the hentai scenes have sound and there is very little Japanese text to worry about. Each animation has variations with blonde and purple hair and can be run directly from the games data folder. There no click interaction in this game like there is in other Charm Point games.

Download 190MB

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Alternative Names: DQ動画

Sunday, September 6, 2009

J-Girl Ecstasy

An adult hentai game by crimson comics in which you try to touch up and have sex with girls in various outfits. This game has four girls to choose from and for each of them you need to click different places to raise there pleasure bar without scaring them away. The mouse wheel (or arrow keys) are used to choose different actions like lick and touch, touching various places quickly will result in a combo helping to fill up the bar faster. There are also items you can use in the top right which have various effects on the girls including a vibrator. Once you have filled up a girls pleasure bar enough the next button will appear allowing you to progress onto the next adult scene for that girl. After finishing a girl you can jump straight to each of her scenes when starting a game and access her cg from the main menu.

If you find the game too hard or just want to get straight to the hentai press the J in the main menu to unlock all content.

Download 131MB

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