Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dancing F Selfish

Animated adult flash hentai game by crimson comics featuring Lala Satalin Deviluke from the To Love Ru anime and manga series. Lala receives a call which lures her into a trap where she is restrained by tentacles and devices are used on her. The first part of the game is a fully voiced and animated manga with Japanese text. After that is an interactive blowjob hentai scene with a menu of options to tell her what to do next.

After some more manga it finishes with an interactive sex scene in which you click points on Lala to perform actions, you can make combos to fill her bar up faster just like other crimson comics games. There are a few items you can use and you can have sex with her several times before letting her cum. At the bottom of the screen there are some useful controls for skipping back and forward handy if replaying the game.

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Rina in the Cage

An aniamted adult hentai game with tentacle sex with a blue haired cheerleader who is captured and sexually assaulted. There are 7 chapters you can access from the main menu as well as the opening and ending, there is very little Japanese text in the game. The girls in the game are fully voiced in Japanese and there is sound and some music. A compilation of the games animations can be viewed by pressing the center of the blue pentagram when starting the game.

Download 172MB

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Alternative Names: 魔淫の蟲獄 (梨奈+妖蟲生殖篇)

Purupyu Dynamite

An adult hentai game with animations in which you solve a puzzle to progress to the next adult scene. There is some Japanese text and voice during the opening and between each of the puzzles. The puzzle involves you rotating around blocks until enough of the same color are touching then those blocked disappear and the ones above fall down. The censors in the animation are completely white and the puzzles are placed over it so you play the puzzle inside the adult animation. If you get your score to 100% you progress to the next adult animation if you fail you get the cum shot scene and the game ends, you can press spacebar to add more blocks quickly. There is a mode in the main menu to replay the cg and animations but they still have the annoying white censors, challenge mode lets you play the game on it's own.

Download 84MB

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Alternative Names: プルピューDynamite!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Code Geass Lust Terrorist

Hentai game featuring Kallen Stadtfeld and C.C. from the Code Geass anime and manga series. There is a story in Japanese text in the usual visual novel/eroge format with some choices which effect what adult scenes you get and with which girl. While the game has music and some sound it does not have any voices for the girls. There are modes in the main menu to replay previously met CG and hentai scenes.

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Alternative Names: 「コー○ギアス」-淫欲のテロリスト-, 「コードギアス」-淫欲のテロリスト-, Code Geass Inyoku no Terrorist, Code Geass Terrorist of Carnal Desire, C*de Geass -Lust Terrorist-

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Naughty wife's sex life

An adult hentai game with animation about a married woman who starts going out and trying to have sex with lots of men. There is a story in Japanese text in the usual visual novel/eroge format with the girls part fully voiced, you can fast foward by holding spacebar. At points you are taken to a screen with an overview of the city in which you can choose what man she will go after next.

If you make correct dialog choices you get a hentai sex scene, a wrong choice takes you back to the city overview. You are allowed 3 wrong choices (X's in bottom right) before the game ends. To avoid this happening make use of the save and load buttons on the top menu. Unlocked CG animations can be viewed from the main menu and if you finish the game an extra mode is unlocked where you can replay all adult scenes.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Akiba Roshutsu - Perverted M Girl Training

An animated hentai game in which you touch up your girlfriend and try to get her to strip naked in the street. There is a some Japanese text in the menu and at points in the game, the game has sound and the girl is fully voice. You interact with the girl by clicking places on her body as well as rubbing it with the mouse. The view can be moved up and down by clicking and dragging on either side of the screen. It can take lots of clicking and dragging around before the girl will let you take more clothes off but eventually you should be able to progress to the blowjob scene. As far as I know there is no actual sex in this game.

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Alternative Names: 秋葉露出~変態M女調教~

Mansion A's Erotic Maid

Animated adult hentai game about sex with 2 maids in a mansion. There is some text in Japanese both for the story and the various options. Depending on your choices you get sexual positions with each of the maids in one scene wearing a school swimsuit. While the animation is nice and smooth the lack of voice or sound for this game is disappointing.

Download 418MB

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Alternative Names: エロメイドのいる家A, Erotic Maids Living House

Monday, September 28, 2009

Zero no Tsukaima - Another Storys

Adult hentai game with some animation featuring the characters from the Zero no Tsukaima anime and manga series including Louise, Siesta and Tabitha. You select one of the three girls at the start and each has a story in Japanese text in the usual visual novel/eroge format. While there is sound the girls are not fully voiced and the animations are somewhat jerky. There are a few choices in the game but they are just the usual sexual options, you can hold down ctrl to quickly skip forward. An option in the main menu lets you view all the games CG and animations.

Download 349MB

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Alternative Names: ゼロ使。~Another Storys, Zero Tsukai - Another Storys, The Familiar of Zero - Another Storys