Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dragon Hatchery, New Match 3 / Time Management [Final]

Run your own nursery and raise baby dragons in Dragon Hatchery, a delightful combination of match-3 puzzling and time management fun! Once upon a time in a land far away, wise Dragons were the mystical protectors of the land. Where they roamed, life was peaceful until, for some unexplained reason, they became extinct. Wars took over and ravaged the land. That is no more however because you are here to make everything right with your new dragon hatchery! Hatch baby dragons by matching three or more of their like-colored eggs. Be quick before their columns reach the top or your level is over. After you have hatched enough, it's time to get to the nursery and raise them so that they can fly off to return peace once again. Build their nests, wash and feed them and make sure they get their vitamins! Buy upgrades to fix up your nursery and restore the habitats one-by-one. Try the charming action of Dragon Hatchery and experience the entire enchanting journey. Restore these great protectors of the land! Dragon Hatchery features: - Match colored eggs to hatch baby dragons - Feed and care for them in your dragon nursery - Furnish your nursery with 15 different upgrades - Explore a whole island and restore damaged areas - Unique match-3 and time management game in one - Will you be able to save dragonkind?



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