Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jailhouse Lockhart (w/English subtitles)

Now Tifa is in captivity.
The pretty girl fighter who prides herself on being strong cannot resist the repeated and persistent humiliation. She begins to lose her mind and be drown in pleasure..

At this time, typhus (Tifa) was in captivity. Typhoid proud and mighty warrior, but even she was unable to resist the repeated humiliation, gradually losing self-control and plunged into the world of comfort ....

This Hentai game leaves most positive impression: excellent 3D animation, good story and a slight censorship.

In a 640x480 pixel display, the girl in 3DCG images seduces you.

The content is in Flash Projector format.
Please try the free demo first before purchase.

Information, dialogue, and game instructions are written in English language
The localization was done by the circle.

Size: 288.81 Mb
Censorship: yes

Screenshots :