Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zuma's Revenge! - Adventure


PopCap Games Company decided to surprise gamers all over the world with a special edition of Zuma's Revenge! It is a light-weight version of the game, but it still has all the unique features of the premium version, like awesome power-ups and amazing bonuses. Join a huge army of Zuma's fans and explore this challenging marble-popping world. Make your way through 60 levels of the game, destroy the deadly stream of colored balls and give a good lesson to evil tiki bosses!

When somebody is developing a sequel to a popular game, he must keep that perfect balance between not changing the winning formula of the first game and adding enough new features to make it a real sequel. Developers from PopCap Games Company know and follow that simple rule, that’s why their sequel to 2003’s Zuma is going to be unbelievably successful.

Zuma’s Revenge adventure offers the same gameplay mechanic as its predecessor. You are playing as a frog who tries to stop the invasion of colored balls by firing at them. In the first game the frog always sat in the middle of the screen. The sequel introduces horizontal or vertical scrolling on a few levels and the ability to change firing position.

The most interesting feature of this adventure is the increasingly difficult “boss battles” at the end of every island section. You must shoot them enough times to win. Bosses swiftly scroll across the top of the screen and not only fire back at you but are protected by balls you must destroy. Also, if the balls reach the end of the level, you lose.

Zuma’s Revenge is a modern game of a decent quality. Graphics is awesome (the game supports high resolution up to 1920 x 1200). Music is a little bit annoying, but you can always turn it of and play your own mp3s. So, if you enjoyed playing the first part, Zuma’s Revenge won’t disappoint you at all!

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