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Fatal Relations

You are Ken. Your parents die in an accident, and the millionaire Mrs. Hayami decides to adopt you. Moving in to her mansion, you discover that she has five lovely daughters. But that's where the insanity unfolds. For starters, each day begins with a blow job from the maid... whether you like it or not. Later on, all the females in the mansion (including Mrs. Hayami) require you to have sex with them... virtually every time they see you. What is wrong with these people? What do they really want? You have to get to the bottom of things or escape from the mansion right away before you yourself go mad.

Fatal Relations is more of a sordid sex story than a game. There is only one path to take, and whichever choice you pick leads to the same end. Thanks to the deranged and extremely horny Hayami family, almost every option will result to uninhibited sex.

Gameplay and challenge are non-existent. You don't really have to think or solve anything, keeping your fingers clicking away will take you everywhere. The game won't even allow you to make your own decisions. Making the "wrong" choice will give you responses like "No, that's not your kind of thing.". Due to the lack of / sheer absence of gaming elements, you are more of a spectator instead of a player.

The artwork is excellent, and the characters are distinctly portrayed. The scenarios are also enhanced by surprisingly good music. With regards to nudity and sexual content, Fatal Relations is extremely detailed (down to the hairs!) and purely uncensored (yep, that includes the male organ). There's also a lot of hardcore stuff (not limited to the usual bondage and S&M) which include the incorporation of certain toilet activities, incestuous and lesbianic trysts, etc.

Fatal Relations is by far the one of the raunchiest titles I've played. For whatever it's worth, the pervert in you will definitely be pleased by the huge array of hentai images. However, Fatal Relations would probably be better off as a hentai anime since it has more plot and substance than most of the H-anime titles out there. As a game, I'd have to say that Fatal Relations is pretty average fare.

Game extras include a flashback mode (lets you view all the sex scenes in a slide show) and a music collection (lets you listen to the different music heard in the game).


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If you are currently using Windows Vista, whenever you try to run a DOS game or an app the following error will be displayed: “This system does not support fullscreen mode. Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application”. If you ignore it an continue, another error is likely to follow and the program will shut down. With DOSBox around, you will have to face no more of this nuisance.

  • How to download and configure DOSBox
  • Once the download is complete, run the installer and install DOSBox.
  • Now you need to move your DOS games and applications to a single directory. For example, create a directory C:\DosGames and move all your DOS games under that directory. (It’s better to place each game in a separate subdirectory Ex- C:\DosGames\Dave\…, C:\DosGames\Prince\…, etc)
    Run DOSBox. Type the following command in DOSBox command prompt: mount c C:\DosGames
  • Now you will be able to navigate to C:\DosGames directory using standard DOS commands and run any game placed inside that folder. If you have forgotten DOS commands, read on.
  • Type C:\ and press enter in the DOSBox console.
  • Type DIR and press enter. A list of subdirectories in the DosGames folder will be displayed.
  • You can browse to any subdirectory in the DosGames folder using the cd command. Ex- to browse to Dave directory sim
    ply type: cd Dave and press enter.
  • Once you are in the game directory, type the game executable and press enter to play. This executable can be found using the DIR command.