Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sengoku Rance7

Arguably AliceSoft's best ever title Sengoku Rance is an immersive adult strategy adventure game following the story of Rance as he attempts to conquer Japan having sex with many girls along the way. In the game you are presented with a map of Japan split up into territories. You control the Oda family and must manage your land and armies as you conquer other counties through battle and diplomacy. There are variety of different types of units you can recruit each of which have different specialised attacks. Units also have various stats like attack and defence which improve there effectiveness along with items they can be equipped with. As you progress in the game you will also uncover dungeons which you can send your unit commanders to investigate fighting against monsters and uncovering treasures.

A large part of Sengoku Rance is the story which is presented in a visual novel style with CG and text. The story is mostly advanced by selecting events in your territories as well through the conquest of other c
ountries. Each country has its own unique characters with there own tale and depending on your actions different outcomes will befall them. As the game progress Rance will take every opportunity to have sex with the girls he meets resulting in a hentai scene in the same CG and text format. These adult scenes can be replayed along with the CG from the in game menu but be warned most all of Rance's sex scenes are accompanied by the comic over the top music you will either love or hate.

The game is designed to be replayed with several different story routes you can play many only unlocked after finishing it once. Depending on your best previous game performance when starting a new game a variety of bonuses can be unlocked and used to give things like extra units and items as well as increasing the games difficulty. If you find yourself captivated by the Rance universe you can expect to play over 100 hours of gameplay to see everything the game has to offer. Check out the AliceSoft wiki linked below for help in all aspects of the game including getting character clears and hentai scenes. A complete save is included with the game download for those wanting to get straight to the adult content.

Sengoku Rance is translated into English, a link to get the latest translation patch from the Yandere Translations website is included below.

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Alternative Names: 戦国ランス, Rance 7