Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My bot!-pornmation-MobPet(3D)

My bot!(3d animation)
Robot sex!

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Pornomation 2
If you thought "The Princess has Come of Age " was strange wait till you see this. Starts off with a few shorts then: Adult Video Universe Description Join Zuma, a gorgeous sexual gladiator slave, as she battles her way through wild and wicked 3-D animated adventures on the melting-pot planet, Stratalyrie! This rare Earthling, from unknown origins, encounters a fantastic range of incredible creatures as she builds her fame in the public sexual contests of the Grand Nymphoseum. Powerful forces try to use and bend her to their own corrupt ends, throwing her into action-packed twists and turns of danger and peril. Determined to win her freedom, a most unexpected rival threatens to defeat her!

1hour 25 minutes.avi. DL all to see!
MobPet(3d animation)
Sex with a half girl/alien. very cool!