Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sexy Dreams 3D v4 Final

Sexy Dreams Lite description

Sexy Dreams Lite helps you to get away from the everyday noise and allows your imagination to dive into higher spheres. Use Sexy Dreams Lite for hot dreams, falling asleep, meditating or simply for coming down and switching off.
Sexy Dreams Lite doesn’t contain short and uninflected sound loops, it is filled with conspicuous ambience simulations. With Sexy Dreams Lite you reach a more effective relaxation, because the stimulation takes place acoustically and optically. The effect of the sounds gets boosted because the soundscapes are accompanied with visualization similar to phototherapy.
The Visualization works best when you put the iPhone set to full brightness on a table in a dark room and let the visualization illuminate the room or at least a wall.
Create your individual ambience:
Sexy Dreams Lite offers the possibility to compose your own ambiences from a multiplicity of noises. But Sexy Dreams Lite doesnt just loop the sounds rhythmically. By the use of a sophisticated algorithm Sexy Dreams Lite generates realistic-sounding ambiences which sound different at every replay.

• 19 noises for mixing
• 3 Hi-Quality Stereo sounds
• Additional stimulation by Phototherapy-Visualization
• Timer for efficient Power-Napping or recreation during short breaks
• Volume Control
• Advanced Setup Options

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