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Cabal Online

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In Nevareth there are six different kind of weapons, each suiting a skill, however some might suit more then one. Like the armour the higher level you are the better the weapon is.

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These are greatswords, two handed swords, which have the best strength out of all the weapons. The greatsword is wielded by the Warrior class.

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The Daiktanas are are also two handed, but have less strength. However they are lighter and have a higher hit rate, so are also favoured by Warriors.

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These blades are one handed weapons, which are usually used as a duel weapon. They are surprisingly heavy and are used by Force Bladers and Force Shielders.

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The Katana is a light but still powerful weapon. It is used in one hand and like the blade is usually used as a duel weapon. Bladers and Force Bladers tend to use them.

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Orbs intensify the power of the force but also lets the wearer control it. The orbs are worn by Force Bladers and Wizards, as they let them use magic.

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They are better at controlling the force then the orb. Force Archers and Force Bladers use them to be able to use the Astro weapons.


Of course their is walking round the map, but that will take for ever. So instead ECTsoft left a couple of transport items and portals. One of these items is the return stone, which when you click on it lets you return to the nearest town (saves you from dying a lot ). Other items which will help quicken up your journey back to the town are the Astral board and Astral bike. However only higher level players may purchase the items,b ut with levelling up being so fast in Cabal you'll have one in no time.

Also to help you get from map to map their is the helpful teleport. However to get to a map you must have the maps GPS card. However the first few beginner maps are easily obtained and they contain plenty of quests to keep you entertained at the start. When you step through the teleport you will enter a room with lots of doors each with a symbol above them. Also there is the dungeon door, which when you have a dungeon quest will take you to it.

These are the first three levels.

Bloody Ice
Desert Scream
Green Despair
Port Lux
Fort Ruina
Undead Ground
Forgotten Ruin

Most towns have a weapon seller, amour seller, core alchemist, Grocer (hp&mp). However the first 3 levels have officers and trainers, while some have port agents. All towns have guards and will give you quests as well as quests from the other NPCs.

There are over 200 quests too keep you occupied on your ventures throughout the continent on Nevareth. There are the Normal quests which all people will end up doing and their are quests which will lead onto new branches of quests. Also when you pick your combat skill you will receive percific quests for it like Wizard Quests. The quests have many rewards whether they are special items, money or exp. However to be able to do some quests you msut be at a certain level, so just be wise about what you level up.

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The quest is depicted by a scroll logo above a NPC or object. A quest box then pops up to help you or to tell you if the quest is complete.

Ending Comments

Cabal is a great game which will keep you busy with its quests. I think Cabel is a really good MMORPG and has avoided many of the problems MMO games seem to have. Leveling up is easy but you won't be done with Cabal too quickly.

Graphics=9/10. There are really good graphics and the makers have really paid attention to detail. Even the tiniest things people don't notice are really effective. However some of the monsters do look a little unreal but the game is a fantasy.

Gameplay=8/10. The gameplay is really good. You get to learn new skills and you can craft rare materials. The fact it has the combo mode is a great addition to the game.

Content=9/10. With 200+ quests you will be busy for ages. You will overloaded with too many quests, but you get the chance to go back to them. My only worry is that people will level up a bit too quickly and the quests will just over shadow the fun.

Overall=9/10. Cabal is great for anyone looking for a free MMORPG. It has all the great additions you expect to find in a MMO but also avoids the common problems of a MMO. The game will have you in amazement and the servers are always busy, but they have enough for all its players..

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