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Cabal Online

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Platform: PC
Genre Catagory: MMO
Date of Release: November 2005
Publisher: Game-Masters
Developer: ESTsoft
Rating: A
Official Site URL:

Cabal is a great free MMORPG game. It is set in third-person mode and has many great points to it. It would seem MMORPG games have been getting more complexed over the years and this game is definitely one that proves it.

ESTsoft were very clever when making clever, they made sure the avoid the main problems found in MMORPG games. On being PKing, Pking is one item addressed in Cabal, PKers are given penalties like not being able to buy from shops. Another problem most MMORPG games has is leveling, sometimes it takes years for you to get passed the high levels. However in Cabal it takes less then half the time, but there is still lots to keep you occupied


Long ago in ancient Nevareth the people started to commit great sins which the CABAL, a secret religious group were not pleased with. The CABAL brought for evil to cleanse the land, however seven great masters of force led survivors into rebuilding the continent. Years have passed and the people of Nevareth have lived in peace. However the CABAL have rose again to cleanse the land, doing so by controlling evil. They are trying to breed a child to become King of Nevareth. However you play the hero, helping to battle against the evil and keep it out of Nevareth, whilst trying to find out who is behind the strange attacks. You must choose one of six authentic combat skills which have been passed down through the ages of Nevareth. Then you will set off around the battle-scarred and monster ridden continent over icey ground and dangerous jungle to try defeat the evil.

However you are not alone, there wil be many friends, foes and monsters. During the hard times you must stay focused and be watchful as some friends might turn against you. Strangely enough you could end up befriending some foes!


Basic Battle System:
This allows players to use skills which they have upgraded and to regain SP (spirit points). One of the features is auto-attack, which lets you automatically attack an enemy just by right-clicking on them. Also it enables you to use skills which you can create shortcuts to. Another feature is using hp potions to regain health and mp potions to regain magic/energy.
Spirit Points are quite important and are unlocked at lvl20 when you learn the Aura Mode battle style. Aura Mode lets you channel energy to help you lessen damage and have more chance of getting a high hit. However you can only use the SP when you have 1 full lamp on the gauge, as it uses up 1 gauge each item you use it. Later on you get to do battle mode. Which boosts your attack and at higher levels will transform your weapon.

Combo Battle System
This gives the player a better chance of defeating higher-level monsters by letting you continuously use skills. However it only works if the monster is in range and will stop when you or the monster die. To get combo first of all you must meet the requirements to level up and require the skill. Also you must drag down the skill from special skills into the quick-use box. A counter will come up on the side telling you how many hits you have made.
for combo and tip.

PK System
Play killing is when the other player doesn't give approval to a PvP (player vs player). Therefore ECTsoft have battled the common problem and have made up punishments. There is no way you would accidentally kill another player, as a warning message comes up. Then if you persist in PKing you will be punished:
Level 1 PK: Cannot use shops for 10 minutes. This can start from 2 PKs.
Level 2 PK: Cannot use shops, storage or do any quests for 30 minutes .
Level 3 PK: Cannot use shops, storage, do quests and will be able to be PKed without the other player being given a penalty. Lasts for 60 minutes.
Level 4 PK: Cannot converse with NPCs and will drop items upon death. Lasts 100 minutes.
Level 5 PK: Player will be place in a confined prison for 150 minutes.


Not only do you get to customize your character at the start but you get to choose from one of six combat skills to play with. These are: Warrior, Wizard, Blader, Force Archer, Force Shielder and Force Blader. The character customization lets you create up to 6 characters, meaning you could have a taste of each skill, however it is best to work on one character first.

Warriors: People who possess the warrior skill are inherited form the first force. They tend to sue the force to give good physical attacks. As you develop in the game you will need to put more point son strength then on intelligence and speed. They wear armoured and wield great swords or daikantas.

Bladers: These are people who have inherited the second force. They use the forces power as well as their ever developing speed to perform dazzling moves. They use two-handed swords like blades or katanas, as well as a light martial suit. Therefore it is plain speed is the key feature.

Wizards: They manipulate the last force to cover up for their lack of strength. They use powerful magic energy to crush their foes. They tend to wear orbs on their hands to let them perform multiple spells and wear a light martial suit. However while they are not strong or quick, they are full of intelligence. An advantage of a wizard is the fact they can attack from a distance.

Force Archers: This skill was independently developed away from the sage tower. They have developed from teh wizard orb and made crystals which control the magic better. The crystals then helped them create astro bows. They were battlesuits which are light but offer more protection then a martialsuit, seeing as they make quick long-range shots.

Force Shielders: Noticing how the archers had made the astro bow they took tehy idea and made the crystal into a force shield. These shields have a high defense but can also be used as offense. Unlike the force archers they use the force for close-range combat and therefore require a lot of strength. Therefore they need good defense and wear amour sets.

Force Bladers; This lets the player use sword and magic together. They wield a katana in one hand and a orb in the other. They rely on speed so wear a battlesuit to move around quickly. However since they wield a sword and a orb they try to keep their physichal and intelligence equal.


There are three types of amour in Cabal. There is the strong and defensive amour sets, the light martial suits and the defensive and quick battle suits. Each character skill seems to favor one of these amours. Each town has a armatures, however they seem to sell one type of amour, therefore you might have to move around a bit. Not to worry though when you kill a monster they sometimes drop amour items.

This is the amour worn by Warriors and Force Shielder's. When you start out in Cabal you will be given training amour which is basic but as you level up you will be able to wear the higher level amour.

Click the image to open in full size.This is the battlesuits worn by the Force Archers and Force Bladers. In the sets there is battle gloves, battle boots, battle suit and a battle helmet. However in character options you can choose whether to view the helmet or not, as some people prefer the helmet off.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
This is the martialsuits typically worn by Wizards and Bladers.
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