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Publisher : Codemasters
Developer: CCR, Inc.
Category: Role-Playing
Release Dates :
N Amer - 02/21/2006
Intl - 02/21/2006
Online - 02/21/2006

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With the onslaught of MMORPGs that are available, the average MMO fan might be lost in a daze. RF Online's release might not ease the pains of a purchasing decision, but it definitely stands out as an MMO.

Not Just Another MMORPG...
RF Online seems like just another MMORPG, but it should be more aptly labeled as a Massively Multiplayer Online PvP game, similar to Guild Wars, except instead of individually attacking each other, RF Online promotes unity within your race of choice and attacks against other races for victory. There are three races available for your satisfaction, and each race fulfills a different aspect of power.

The Accretia is the robot race, made for melee. At level 30, Accretia henchmen will have the ability to transform into siege tanks and blast other players away, reminiscent of Starcraft's siege tanks. The Cora is the mystical, elf-like race, probably best for spellcasting and ranged classes. The Bellatio is the kid-like race, full of intelligence and engineering skills. They are best suited for those who really want to use mechs at level 30.

Grinding Is For Coffee Machines
In the beginning, players are faced with relatively easy leveling; with some knowledge and ease, getting to level 10 could easily consume your first night playing. The speed at which players kill low-level monsters and level up is based on how many health potions they can manage to afford. Healing is substituted as potions in RF online; subsequently, support classes are not available in this game, such as healers and buffers.

Nonetheless, grinding seems to be the dismal reality for the beginning stages of RF Online. For those who are used to the interface of World of Warcraft, where leveling is smooth and quick in the early stages, RF Online will seem like a disappointment. Other players, however, might find that grinding is a necessity; it reflects the true dynamics of the game. A character's general level is, in the classical sense, only reflective of one part of how powerful he or she is. A refreshing aspect of RF online is a built-in system to stop players from "Power leveling.... In addition to the overall level, there other aspects of your character to level; for example, if a character was in a melee class, he or she would have levels for defense, close combat ability, ranged combat ability, shield ability, special weapon skill ability and force ability. It's possible to level with higher-level friends, but your other levels won't be leveled up quite as quickly.

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