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Publisher : Codemasters
Developer: CCR, Inc.
Category: Role-Playing
Release Dates :
N Amer - 02/21/2006
Intl - 02/21/2006
Online - 02/21/2006

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Chip Wars FTW!
One of the main reasons anyone would play RF Online (besides to gawk at the pretty elf girls) is to participate in the Chip Wars. Chip Wars occur every eight hours and last for three hours. The good thing is that there is a set schedule for when these Chip Wars occur, so players can schedule them in, much like a sought-after television show. Chip Wars work similarly to Defense of the Ancient from Warcraft III or Battlegrounds from World of Warcraft. There are chips for two opposing sides, and the goal is for your race to hack away at that chip and destroy it before the other team destroys yours. These chips are incredibly resilient and have an obnoxiously high amount of HP, so it would take a group of level 25 players about three hours to destroy the chip. The reward is access to the rich mine, as well as more money and materials to upgrade weapons until the next Chip War.

Mo' Money Mo' Problems
One stunning feature of RF Online that seems to set this apart from other games is its elaborate in-game economy. There are two ways for players to gain money: through ores and through gold, both tradable for your race's currency. Mining will yield ores that are either traded for currency or processed for materials that upgrade your equipment. Gold is the universal currency, upon which the economy is based. To exchange your gold for a race-specific currency, players must pay a tax. The tax is based on the ratio between currency in circulation and the amount of gold in circulation. The more gold players hold, the higher the tax will be. It's a balanced economy that prevents one race from becoming too powerful. Such a system seems to work really well in this world. We can also say that no other MMORPG has quite the same kind of complex economy that RF Online does.

In the End, It Doesn't Even Matter
RF Online's graphic engine is lustful; it doesn't compare to the more graphically intense game like F.E.A.R., but it serves its eye-candy purposes for a server-wide game. The art is also in the style of anime; very caricature-like but stunning at the same time. The music for RF Online is an interesting mix of electronic pop and ambient melodies, depending on what your character is doing. The controls are responsive. Players get a choice between mouse character control and keyboard character control. The keyboard is better suited for PvP battles, while the mouse-based control scheme is better for leveling/grinding. There is no jumping over objects, at times there are pathing issues, but overall the controls feel solid once players get used to them.

All in all, RF Online delivers an MMO that focuses more on battles and less on stories and quests. For those who lust after solid plots and definitive quests, they can stick to their World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. For those who just want to log on and kick butt, RF Online is the prescription for you.



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