Monday, October 26, 2009

Combo System

Combo System

How to Acquire Combo Skills

Step 1. Check the first Rank Up requirement (Combo)

Step 2. Check the second Rank Up requirement (Combo)

Step 3. Bitter Cold, the first (Combo)

Step 4. Quest Reward

How to Use Combo Skills

Step 1. Drag and drop combo skill icons to the Quick Slot Windows from the Combo Skill tab under the Special Abilities section in the Skill Windows (shortcut key: S or K).

Step 2. Target a monster, and press a combo skill that is registered on the Quick Slot Windows.

SP Gauge Bar
You must have remaining SP to use combo skills.

[Tip] SP is able to gain with using Skills or Social action- Dance. SP extends 1 bar each if character completes each Level Up Quest.

Combo Gauge Bar
A Combo gauge bar will be displayed at the bottom of the monster information windows.
Combo Point
You must use normal skills within the Combo Point range in order to activate Combo.

Combo Number
Displays the numbers of successful combo.

How to Use Multiple Combos

You must use skills within the Combo Point range at the exact combo moment in order to activate Multiple Combo chance.

Your Combo Point range will be narrowed down little-by-little every time you succeed in doing Multiple Combos.

You can continue using combos by targeting a different monster before the original target is defeated.

[Tip] Enables you to easily hunt stronger monsters than your level by continuously using skills.
[Tip] Combo skills will fail in case the target monster dies, you get out of the Combo Point range or you die.
[Tip] Skill effects will be displayed differently by the order of cast skills.
(You can create your unique combo skill effects.)


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